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THE TOWN OF SKRADIN is located in the Šibenik-Knin County. It is a smaller town area. On the east and south, towards the territory of the neighboring Promina (Oklaj) municipality as well as the towns of Drniš and Šibenik, it borders with the River Krka and the Lakes Visovačko and Prukljansko which in reality represent submerged broadenings of the River Krka valley. On the west towards the town of Vodice, it borders with the Guduća and Bribišnica River valleys while on the north, towards the Kistanje municipality, it lays open on a spacious plateau. Only a smaller part of the far northeastern part of this town area borders with the Zadar County.

Town administration

Until 1993 Skradin was established as a municipality while from 1997 it has the status of a town. The Skradin Town Statute regulates the self-governmental scope of the town of Skradin, regulates the organization, authority and method of operation of its bodies, the process of direct participation of citizens in local activities through referendums, establishment of municipal self-government units, organization and operation of public services, cooperation with other local self-government units, financing of the town of Skradin and resolution of other important issues connected to the fulfillment of rights and obligations of the town of Skradin.

Town government

Phone: +385(0)22 771-076, email:
Town Mayor: Nediljko Dujić

Skradin Tourist Board

Trg Male Gospe 3
Phone: ++385(0)22 771-329
Fax: ++385(0)22 771-336

Settlements in the town area

Rupe, Dubravice, Bićine, Cicvare, Gorice, Ićevo, Krković, Lađevci, Međari, Piramatovci, Plastovo, Skradinsko polje, Skradin, Sonković, Vaćane, Veliku Glava, Bratiškovci, Žažvić, Ždrapanj i Bribir.

Population: 3823
Area: 186,79 km2
Climate: Mediterranean

Important phone numbers in Skradin

MEDICAL CLINIC Phone: +385(0)22 771-099
PHARMACY Phone: +385(0)22 771-049
FIRE DEPT. Phone: +385(0)22 771-155
POST OFFICE Phone: +385(0)22 771-222
Phone: +385(0)22 771-430
PARISH OFFICE Phone: +385(0)22 771-071
JADRANSKA BANKA Phone: +385(0)22 771-207


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