Delicacies at the Skradin table

Delicacies at the Skradin table

The unusual geographic position of Skradin is reflected in the characteristic, intense and sometimes exotic aromas at the richly laid out Skradin table.
The river embracing the sea and the inland meeting the Mediterranean blend into a truly remarkable cuisine which includes almost everything. Fish delicacies, both of sea and river variety, among which eel and trout hold a special place.
Supreme prosciutto ham dried in the north-eastern bora wind of the Skradin hinterland and meat specialties from cattle freely grazing in nature.
Fruits and vegetables grown far away from cities and pollution.
At the Skradin table everyone will find something to their taste!
Let’s try and open your appetite with a few specialties from Skradin..

Delicacies from times past you simply must taste!

Skradin cake is a delicacy made of almonds, walnuts and honey which was once prepared for newlyweds for their first wedding night.

Skradin veal risotto is carefully cooked for eight, nine, sometimes eleven hours. Soup stock made of cooked rooster, beef and baby beef is poured over from time to time during cooking. At the end a little prosciutto ham is added to enrich the flavour. Of ordinary spices salt, pepper and nutmeg are used while others will remain the cook’s secret. According to tradition, the Skradin risotto is prepared only by men.

Jujuba brandy, rose petal liqueur, walnut brandy.

Koprtlje are an unusual archaic delicacy. Small sticks of prosciutto ham and bacon are wrapped in lamb offal and cooked with chunks of dried meat.

Sausages from the Skradin hinterland are spiced with nutmeg and juice from garlic soaked in white wine.

Dried lamb.

Cold Skradin eel brodetto served with polenta made from corn flour ground in the Skradinski Buk mills.

Ćokalice are small fish which live between the upper layer of fresh water of the River Krka and the lower layer of salt sea water.

Home-made jams from service berries, strawberry-tree berries and figs with herbs.

Sugared or salted almonds and dry figs.

Peka (dishes prepared under a metal cover and glowing fire)                                                                                                                                                                                     


 Skradin is well known for its preparation of dishes under a large metal or ceramic cover. It is used to cover the food and then coals and hot ashes are scattered on top. In this way the food stays succulent and has a

specific flavour, neither cooked nor baked. Lamb or veal prepared in this way is especially appetizing but also octopus or rooster with side potatoes and vegetables. At Bribirska Glavica the evidence of a rooster prepared in

this manner has been discovered dating from the Liburnian period!!


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