Gastro Skradin

Fruits from the soil

Cultivating land and exploiting the riches from the depths of the river and sea have always been the main activities of the inhabitants of the Skradin area.
Proof of that is revealed in findings from the age of Antiquity such as the Roman villa rustica containing the remains of wine and olive presses and tanks! Being excellent seamen, the Liburnians shipped their products even before the Roman period on vessels called liburna. It is no wonder that those activities were legally regulated as far back as in the 14th century in the already mentioned Statute of the town of Skradin. The agricultural tradition of the inhabitants of Skradin is best embodied in the renowned Bedrica family of wine merchants and viticulturists. Long ago in 1932, their famous wine variety debit won the grand prix award at the wine fair in Toulouse, France and was declared one of the six best wines in the world.

In the Bedrica family home one of the richest collections of original tools, machines and devices for the production of alcoholic beverages in Europe has been collected and treasured for more than two hundred years. Viticulture and wine production are not an exception, the same applies for olive growing, honey production, fishery – centuries of life in the rhythm of nature and the changing seasons have created an art in itself. As in the past, so in the present, eco-products are produced on small family farms and can be found on richly laid out tables in Skradin.

Let the rich gold of olives and deep redness of wine colour your days in Skradin, so join the table!



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