Cultural Heritage in Skradin

Bribirska glavica

Only 15 kilometres from Skradin, branching off from the main road of the town of Bribir, is a winding path leading towards the 300 meter high hill. The captivating site today known as Bribirska Glavica has with good reason, due to its mystical combination of nature and ancient structures, been named the Croatian City of Troy.
Due to its strategic position it has been the central town of the entire area for almost 6000 years.
The ancient Liburnian settlement, the Roman municipium Varvaria, the mythical Bribir under the powerful Croatian feudal ruler ban Pavao Šubić of Bribir – all these civilisations recognized the significance of this, at first glance so insignificant hill.

There are few archaeological sites which offer a view of such clear and richly intertwined layers of turbulent history. Stroll around and discover the ancient sarcophagi, reservoirs and "ceramic coolers", the 2 meter thick walls from the times of Liburnia and Antiquity, remnants of sacral buildings, the rich collection of exhibit items dating from the prehistorical to the late medieval period. You will find it all there, on the 72 thousand square meters large plateau.

From the top of Bribirska Glavica unfolds a fantastic panoramic view of the Dinara mountain range and the Adriatic islands, all the way to the distant island of Vis.



Mausoleums of Roman noblemen from the 1st and 2nd century. On the site, very valuable pieces of jewellery and various glass and metal objects have been found.


Bay in which the Skradin Marina is located. Site of Roman sarcophagi and the Villa Urbana. On that spot, the Roman port Horea with its stone mosaics was once located.


Rich archaeological site of gold jewelery belonging to members of the upper class of the Roman municipium Scardona. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets and precious rings made of amber dating from the 1st century.


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